Victoria Table Lamp

antique table lamps unique victorian lampshades by antique artistry

Victoria table lamp. One part lamps and one part sculpture, the table lamp can be an important design aspect in virtually any room. Table lamps can affect the entire tone of an area, from excellent and cheery to dimly-lit and secret. Lighting can change the entire atmosphere of an area. Following are a few tips to take into account when choosing a table lamp for your home or office.


Identify the existing style of the area and determine your look objectives. Keep in mind that there is nobody “right” table lamp – it is very a matter of what style or mood you want expressing – but some choices are certainly better than others.

Lighting Needs

Identify the function of the light fixture in conditions of lighting needs. May be the lamp’s goal to provide general area (also known as ambient), reading, or accent lamps?


If there are other light options in the room, a 60 watt light may provide enough light for a full time income room. However, if only using one or two lamps to light up an entire room, it can be best to invest in a 100 to 150 watt bulb or a 3-way light bulb. This also provides sufficient light for reading. A reading light fixture should offer 150 or even more watts. Generally, rooms should have a light source every 10 feet or so.


Typically, brief or narrow lights are more appropriate on smaller desks and bulkier and taller bulbs are better best suited on larger dining tables or floors. A lamp located on a buffet stand and other thin surface should typically be more thin or shorter. Over a petite nesting desk or a thin console, a large and narrow candlestick lamp fixture may be the best choice.</p


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